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Youth Policies


The Working Group on Youth Policies is run by the Head of Apprenticeship and Work-Based Learning Activities, EU Projects UNIT, Tuscany Region. It works to respond to the four strategic priorities of EARLALL (2023-2028) through four areas of action: capacity building; responding to policy; outreach and cooperation and projects and project events. The Working Group for Youth Policies is key in EARLALL’s participation in the European Alliance for Apprenticeships.

The Working Group is helping to deliver the goals of the EARLALL Strategic Priorities (2023-2028) in the following ways:


Responding to policy

EU projects and events

Outreach and cooperation

Strategic actions of the Working Group

Strategic Priority 1: Working towards skills for the future at the regional level, through innovation in lifelong learning           

The Working Group exchanges best practices on apprenticeships, traineeships and VET to provide skills needed in the future in our regions, through regular online meetings. The Working Group leaders propose topics for discussion, for example, discussions on the dual apprenticeship model.

Strategic Priority 2: Facilitating mobility and internationalisation across the EARLALL network and outreach          

The Working Group conducts research and analysis of current lifelong learning systems in the regions, facilitating mobility across borders. The Working Group on Youth Policies tracks, for example, the apprenticeship systems in different EARLALL regions. Moreover, from the Working Group many of EARLALL’s projects are developed, encouraging cross-border collaboration.

Strategic Priority 3: Supporting the resilience of lifelong learning structures in the face of demographic and societal changes  

The Working Group is focused on the future of lifelong learning and employment opportunities for young people. It proposed youth-focused projects, ensuring an equal and fair participation of young people in Erasmus+ projects.

Strategic Priority 4: Remaining at the forefront of policy development at the EU level              

In 2023-2024, the following are policy areas where the Working Group will be following up:

  • The European Year of Skills
  • The Pact for Skills and European Alliance for Apprenticeships
  • The Consultation for the Quality Traineeship Framework
  • Youth engagement and skills for democratic engagement in the run-up to the European Elections 2024

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