Become an EARLALL Member

The strength of EARLALL lies with its members. EARLALL believes that regions and local authorities have a privileged role in designing and implementing strategies on lifelong learning since they are in direct contact with citizens, educational institutions and business environment. EARLALL is a respected, professional, open and dynamic Brussels-based network within the Brussels lifelong learning landscape. Regional and local authorities responsible for lifelong learning policies need a strong organization to promote and represent their interests.

If you want to become a member of EARLALL, please contact and be sure to read and agree with our Statutes and Regulations. An Application Form should be completed and signed by your political representative, and then be sent to EARLALL Secretariat together with a declaration on the competence of your Regional/Local Government in the field of education and/or lifelong learning, related to the objectives of the EARLALL – please see art. 4.1 of the statutes for the EARLALL objectives.

Please note that only European regional and local authorities with competence in lifelong learning can become full members, while other organisations have the possibility to become Associate Members of the network.