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NEETs for NEETs – Co-creating Social Sustainability

The number of young people that are not involved in any kind of education and training or that are unemployed (so called NEETs) have remained at high levels. In this regard the NEETs for NEETs project aims at improving inclusive methods to empower young adults, therefore improving the conditions of NEETs. To do so, project partners will involve Adult Educators to co-create and design trainings with and by NEETs themselves.

The project was kicked-off in February 2022.

Implementation of an existing model

With the NEETs for NEETs project, partners from Sweden, Germany, Norway and Belgium aim to exchange best practices and commonly improve new and innovative instruments and activities created together with the NEETs and the Adult Educators. Based on an existing example of good practice, the project will broaden and modify the ReAct Self-Empowerment model, developed by the refugee organisation Support Group Network (SGN) and implemented by Save the Children (Sweden). The NEETs for NEETs project will learn from these experiences and practices, adapting them to the challenges and possibilities offered.

 Local Pilot Trainings

On the basis of the ReAct model the partners of the project consortium – together with the group of NEETs – created, piloted and analysed new types of self-organisation, collaboration and learning methods for the target group of NEETs. In the framework of this new training concept, NEETs will become training experts sharing knowledge, experiences, personal goals and development strategies as well as dreams and motivation with other NEETs. This occurred within the framework of local training in May and September 2022 (Gothenburg, Sweden); September 2022 (Oslo, Denmark) and October 2022 (Stuttgart, Germany).

NEETs Training NEETs on a European Level

The first ‘Train the Trainer’ style workshop for the NEETs for NEETs project was organised by Volkshochschulverband Baden-Württemberg (VHS) in Stuttgart, Germany, from 29 November – 1 December.

The ‘Train the Trainer’ workshop invited 17 staff members from project partners: Support Group Network; Save the Children; Region Västra Götaland Folk High Schools (Sweden); Borås Stad (Sweden); Nav Bjerke (Denmark); Oslo VO Rosenhof (Denmark); Stuttgart City and Volkshochschulverband Baden-Württemberg (Germany) to be trained by 18 young adults (NEETs or with relevant experiences) from Norway, Sweden and Germany.

Train the Trainer Workshop 2 

The second Train-the-Trainer workshop was held in Borås Stad, Sweden. The goals of the workshop was to:

  1. Enable NEETs to become trainers themselves, having the knowledge and skills to train the originally presupposed trainers, i.e., the staff
  2. Create prerequisites for staff members to obtain new knowledge, referred to us as a change in perspective, where a reversal of roles has taken place. I.e., NEETs become architects of their own lives, while staff around NEETs adapt to their new roles as disciples, learning from the life experience and expertise of NEETs in question.
  3. That NEETs and staff will use co-creation as a tool for solving problems and for increasing their self-confidence.

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Project partners’ links

Project Lead: Region Västra Götaland

Support Group Network

Borås Stad

City of Stuttgart

Save the children organisation (Sweden)

Volkshochschulverband Baden-Württemberg

Oslo Adult Education Rosenhof

NAV Bjerke


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