The European Association of Regional and Local Authorities for Lifelong Learning -EARLALL- currently includes the co-operation of 16 regional and local authorities aiming to influence European policy and to co-operate in projects in the field of lifelong learning.

EARLALL believes that regions and local authorities have a priviledged role in designing and implementing strategies on lifelong learning since they are in direct contact with citizens, educational institutions and business environment.

EARLALL has since its creation in 2001 co-operated in a number of European projects and contributed to the European debate on lifelong learning through various positions papers in the European Cohesion policy debate as well as the European Education and Training area. Check out this extrct from one of EARLALL's main projects, BRIDGE.


EARLALL and FREREF Joint Position Paper on VET Mobility published

Earlall and Freref published their joint position paper on VET Mobility, as presented during the European Business Forum

Project Development Workshop - In 2017, Skills will be Key

Do you have a great idea for an innovative European Project on tackling skills challenges? Does it align with the priorities of the New Skills Agenda for Europe? Whether it is in higher education, school or vocational education and training, adult education, youth or sports, get ready to set up your European project proposal and benefit from EU funding. Skills will be key in 2017!

European Vocational Skills Week (5-9 December)

The first European Vocational Skills Week will take place in Brussels (and beyond) from 5 to 9 December 2016. How can you be a part of it?

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