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VET’s CLIL: BOOST for CLIL in VET (2018-2021)

The VET’s CLIL project is aimed at widening the opportunities of VET students in a globalised world by implementing the CLIL (content and language integrated learning) methodology in the curricula. Therefore, teachers from different sectors and subjects will be motivated and provided with quality materials to introduce language learning in their professional skills development courses. This will be done by means of a MOOC course for materials and an online repository of materials for CLIL courses.


National/regional reports about VET’s CLIL in the partner regions and countries:

  • VET’s CLIL in Flanders
  • VET’s CLIL in the Basque Country
  • VET’s CLIL in Catalonia
  • VET’s CLIL in Finland
  • VET’s CLIL in the Netherlands

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MOOC for VET teachers

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Policy recommendations for Education Providers and Policy Makers

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