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YESpecialists: Youth Entrepreneurial Spirit Specialists

In a context of high youth unemployment rates and depopulation in rural areas, entrepreneurship becomes a key element to build an adversity-safe future of Europe and a tool to find alternative ways to deal with labour market challenges. Building local ecosystems focused on promoting and enabling youth entrepreneurship with a local perspective can help in tackling these challenges, with teachers and youth workers as key enablers to promote innovative entrepreneurial models in a lifelong learning context.


Led by Vestland County Coucil, YESpecialist gathers experts from six European regions in Spain, Italy, Croatia, Denmark and Norway, to create a new innovative methodology that will build up local ecosystems, introducing non formal and informal methods into formal education and to promote innovative entrepreneurship concepts. The project will specially focus on rural areas and will be inclusive regarding young people from vulnerable groups. Cooperation between all actors (authorities, business, NGOs, and schools), with an emphasis on VET teachers and youth workers is key to achieve the project results.


Key outputs of the project will be a repository of active youth involvement in local ecosystems at European level, guidelines for building up regional/local ecosystems to promote youth entrepreneurship in rural areas, and a training course for stakeholders aiming at building such ecosystems. The latter will be implemented in two international pilot training courses that will build capacity in rural local contexts while promoting their interconnection at regional, national and European level.

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