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VET in Urban Centres (2018-2020)

The “Development of Sustainable Urban Centres with Active Involvement of VET (VET in Urban Centres)” project pursues the elaboration of governance models to reach an active involvement of VET schools and local businesses in urban planning processes, to create new VET programmes linked to the challenges and needs of urban centres, and to improve the cooperation between VET providers, municipalities and the labour market. Coordinated by Hordaland Fylkeskommune, the project will provide two intellectual outputs: a local cooperation model including VET in the development of urban centres and an educational VET programme with the same aim.


The project has a wide range of target groups and is aiming to influence ways of organising local/regional partnerships and to embed the results into the educational programmes. In this way create attractive, sustainable urban centres and thus make a change for people and the societies as a whole.  Inspire and motivate local planning and economic development authorities; owners of VET Institutions/providers/schools; VET teachers and students, local business and labour market and local policy makers.  Ultimate that the results will reach other relevant stakeholders at regional, national and European level. The project is also aiming to motivate stakeholders and the project partnership to work further on this subject and create spin-offs.


Two key products (intellectual outputs) have been produced by VET in Urban Centres project partners:


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