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EXAM 4.0: Excellent Advanced Manufacturing 4.0

The Excellent Advanced Manufacturing 4.0 project, EXAM 4.0 by its acronym, is one of the five Platforms of VET Excellence approved for funding by the Erasmus+ programme in 2019 under the Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) pilot initiative launched by the European Commission in 2018. 8 partners from 5 countries (Spain, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands) representing the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector and the industry will work together in this innovative project, coordinated by TKNIKA, the Basque VET Research Centre.


Project partners will work together in producing the above-mentioned impactful results, which will contribute to the following long-term aims:

  • Support the introduction of new technological, social and environmental trends in the education and industrial fields.
  • Design best approaches, methods and interventions to anticipate skills needs in the AM sector and adapt the training provision.
  • Support regional development and Smart Specialization Strategies (S3) by providing a portfolio of skills required to implement them in the AM sector.
  • Develop innovative learning methodologies and implement joint initiatives and projects.
  • Enhance the continuing professional development of teachers and trainers by providing pedagogical and technical skills and facilitating their participation in joint research projects.
  • Provide business incubators for VET learners to develop their entrepreneurial skills and projects.
  • Incentivize the participation of women and individuals coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.


  • Learning dialogues: state of art and trend forecasting
  • EXAM 4.0 hub: European platform of VET excellence in advanced manufacturing
  • Advanced Manufacturing workshop 4.0: designing, modelling and piloting a 4.0 physical space
  • VET 4.0 for Advanced Manufacturing: turning the project achievements into impactful initiatives

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