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SMALEI – Sustainability Matrix for ALE institutions

The SMALEI Erasmus+ project aims to improve the sustainability of adult learning and education (ALE) providers and organisations all over Europe and to increase their capacity to contribute to forward-looking societal developments. The project will raise awareness about the environmental and climate change challenges and enable ALE institutions to take concrete actions towards sustainable growth. Green competences and methodologies for ALE educators and staff will be developed to foster behavioral changes and contribute to the environmental sustainability of the European Union.

Project partners will develop a matrix to assess the existing conditions of sustainability aspects, hands-on tools and policy recommendations in ALE organisations. The products will be tested by all partners so that results could be transferred to other organisations and countries.

The areas addressed by the Matrix will be the following:

  • Environmental sustainability of the institution
  • Green skills of trainers and staff
  • Engagement of learners
  • Awareness-raising of citizens
  • Partnerships for sustainability

SMALEI will motivate institutions to cooperate more with stakeholders from other sectors and take an active role in strengthening European active citizenship.