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Taith joined EARLALL as an associate member in September 2023. It is part of the Mobility Working Group.

About Taith

Taith is a Welsh Government funded programme enabling people in Wales to learn, study and volunteer all over the world, while allowing organisations in Wales to invite international partners and learners to do the same here in Wales.   

Taith’s role as a funding agency is to fund eligible organisations to enable people in Wales to study, volunteer, train and work all over the world.

Organisations should apply directly to Taith for funding on behalf of their participants and we encourage all eligible organisations to apply whether new to international exchanges or more experienced.

They provide support at each step of the process through webinars, face to face events and one to one support. Please contact us if you have any questions about the Taith programme and applying for funding.

Collaborative approach

Reciprocity is encouraged and the principles of reciprocity and shared learning are central to Taith.  We therefore have additional funding of up to 30% available, which applying Welsh organisations can request, to fund international partner activity.  

International institutions and organisations with established Welsh partners who are interested in supporting exchanges should get in touch with their Welsh partners to discuss whether they plan to send students overseas through Taith and to explore what opportunities there are for reciprocal exchange agreements.