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Movetia (Swiss National Agency for Exchange and Mobility)

We are the joint agency of the Swiss federal government and the 26 cantons (i.e. the “Swiss regions”) and we support the implementation of the national strategy on exchange and mobility. In this strategy, the federal government and the cantons lay out their vision that all young people take part in an extended intercultural exchange or mobility activity at least once over the course of their educational career. In addition, national and international exchange should help ensure and improve the quality of the education system and develop and maintain strong networks between relevant institutions. In order to achieve these goals, exchange and mobility shall be firmly anchored in education policy.

Movetia acts as promotion agency, funding agency, competence centre for international cooperation in education, and service centre. We fund and support exchange, mobility, and cooperation activities in the education system (from early childhood education and care to higher education) and in the extracurricular domain, both in Switzerland and abroad. We link up institutions and individuals who are already running projects and those keen to get involved.

The Swiss cantons are important players in the Swiss education system, which is based on subsidiarity. Many of them already have extensive experience with cross-border collaboration, which extends to the field of lifelong learning. In addition to working with representatives from institutions that provide education, we at Movetia thus ally with cantonal representatives. Our ambition is to support the cantons in their mobility and cooperation activities in the field of education and training in Europe and beyond.



For more information, please visit our website or get in touch with Julia Grünenfelder (julia.gruenenfelder@movetia.ch).