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Movetia (Swiss National Agency for Exchange and Mobility)

Movetia is an associate member of EARLALL and is currently co-coordinating the Mobility Working Group.  Movetia is the Swiss national agency for the promotion of exchanges and mobility in the education system. Be it within Switzerland, with other European countries or elsewhere in the world, Movetia encourages and supports exchange, mobility and cooperation activities in the different sectors of education, ranging from primary school through adult education to university level, as well as promoting extracurricular activities.

Movetia acts as promotion agency, funding agency, competence centre for international cooperation in education, and service centre. We fund and support exchange, mobility, and cooperation activities in the education system (from early childhood education and care to higher education) and in the extracurricular domain, both in Switzerland and abroad. We link up institutions and individuals who are already running projects and those keen to get involved.

Movetia and Lifelong Learning

Movetia’s work is anchored in the Swiss context, including in the jobs and labour market. Since 2014 Switzerland is no longer associated with Erasmus+. However, association remains objective. Movetia is the Swiss national agency for the promotion of national and international mobilities and cooperation projects. Their international activities are based on the Federal Act on International Cooperation and Mobility in Education and on the National Strategy for Exchange and Mobility of the Confederation and the Cantons.

The Swiss cantons are important players in the Swiss education system, which is based on subsidiarity. Many of them already have extensive experience with cross-border collaboration, which extends to the field of lifelong learning. In addition to working with representatives from institutions that provide education, we at Movetia thus ally with cantonal representatives. Our ambition is to support the cantons in their mobility and cooperation activities in the field of education and training in Europe and beyond.

Examples of projects

Die Lehr emit dem Plus, present

“Apprenticeship kv plus” apprentices complete two six-month work placements in a company with commercial tasks in an English-speaking and a French- or Italian speaking country. During the two work experiences abroad, they do not only develop linguistically, but also noticeably grow in other professional and soft skills. Internship abroad become a fourth place of learning. The project involved VET schools. More information is available here.

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