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Centre Val-De-Loire

The Regional Council of Centre Val de Loire is a member of EARLALL and is part of the Working Groups: Mobility, Ageing Population and Lifelong Guidance, Youth Policies and Skills and Labour Market.

About Centre Val de Loire

Centre Val de Loire is located in Western Central France. It covers 40 000 km². The region has 2.6 million inhabitants, with an aging population (older than the national average – ranked 6th). The unemployment rate is 6.9%. 49% of the inhabitants live in rural areas, 30% of the population have low level of qualifications, 18.1% of young people are considered as a NEETs.

Main economic activities of the region:  agriculture, industry and service providing

Centre Val de Loire and Lifelong Learning

The Centre Val de Loire’s Vocational Training Policy Department, along with the head of the Guidance Policy department are responsible for lifelong learning in the region. The main priorities of the region in lifelong learning are:

  • Develop an educational and experiential guidance approach
  • Guarantee high quality of professional practices and respect for the public service value system (equality and simplicity of access for all, neutrality, objectivity and respect of people, quality of the services provided to users)
  • Place their events and actions within the framework of the European Pillar Social Rights

Examples of initiatives

DEFI, 2019 – present

The DEFI program was set up as professional sectors are facing a lack of people to recruit. NEETS and unemployed people are looking for a job. The program constructs trainings matching with the enterprise’s needs. The program targets unemployed people and involved VET organisations and companies. Thanks to the project, 2600 people have been trained and recruited in sustainable jobs. See more here.

1 Computer for My Training, 2022 – present

The program was started as 16% of the people involved in VET couldn’t get an internet connection and 3% of them don’t have a computer. The project targets therefore unemployed people entering into VET and involved VET organisations and centres for e-learning. The project works on the e-learning development of these people and has provided 1000 pieces of equipment for 1500 beneficiaries in 2022. More information is available here

Jobs on the stage, 2023 – present

The project aims to inform the wider public, college students, high school students, apprentices, teachers, unemployed people, NEETs about professions by experiencing them. It involves comedians helping the public to experience this setting and share their feedback. Two main sectors are selected: Industry and care. All of Centre Val De Loire’s partners in the field of education, guidance and economics are involved. More information is available here.

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