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EARLALL Academy No 4: KA1 Proposals MasterClass


The fourth session of the EARLALL Academy series was held on October 25 2023 by Camilla Winter, founder of Camilla Winter AB, an educational consultancy, and external expert at the Swedish Erasmus+ National Agency. Ms Winter gave the MasterClass on KA1 Erasmus+ proposals, which can include:

  • Mobility for learners and staff in VET
  • Mobility for pupils and staff in school education
  • Mobility got learners in adult education
  • Learning mobility in the field of youth

With regards to the accessibility of Erasmus+, Ms Winter confirmed the view of the Erasmus+ Programme Guide 2023, “Short-term projects are the best choice for organisations applying for Erasmus+ for the first time, or for those that wish to organise only a limited number of activities.

Ms Winter delved into the process of writing an application; the types of activities these proposals can include; duration: target audience and objectives of the actions. Ms Winter also shared tips and tricks from her experience as an external expert.

KA1 Erasmus+ In the EARLALL Network

Ms Winter pointed to the ways in which being part of EARLALL can facilitate the application for Erasmus+ KA1 proposals, in terms of:

  • Partner searching, as members are part of the network
  •  Organisational details of the mobilities, as contact details are circulated easily
  • Dissemination and communication of the project, through the EARLALL Insights and Monitoring newsletters and social media channels

Ms Winter shared the experience of such an exchange through the EARLALL Network. EARLALL associate member Borås municipality is part of the Erasmus+ project consortium for NEETs for NEETs, along with the organisation of Adult Education of Baden-Württemberg (VHS). As both organisations are involved in the EARLALL network, Borås contacted VHS and organised a two-day study visit in September 2023 to the city of Stuttgart, to learn about insertion and guidance of refugees and newly arrived migrants on the ground.