FinALE - Financing Adult Education

Project Leader

EAEA European Association for the Education of Adults

Project Partners

AONTAS, National Adult Learning Organisation (Ireland)
Dansk Folkeoplysnings Samrad (Denmark)
Individual Learning Company (UK)
Kerigma, Instituto de Inovação e Desenvolvimento Social de Barcelos (Portugal)
Niedersächischer Bund für freie Erwachsenenbildung e.V. (NBEB) (DE)
VHS Verband Österreichischer Volkshochschulen (Austria)
SVEB The Swiss National Umbrella Organisation for Adult Education (Switzerland)


Final outputs now available here

The Finale project was created to provide a comprehensive analysis of financing adult learning in Europe.

In a context of demographic change and increasingly complex needs of society, adult education is a crucial instrument for promoting social cohesion. However, often adult learning is underfunded as compared to other sectors of the education system. For example in the German province of Lower Saxony the proportion of adult education at public funding of education is less than one percent. However, the problem is not limited to Germany. Adult education throughout Europe faces the challenge to secure its financing, or where possible improve it. Adult education providers themselves must cooperate accross Europe to lay the foundations for better decision-making in financing adult education, and to share best practice.

For adult education providers in Europe there is, therefore, urgent need to find European answers to questions such as:

• Why is investment in adult education necessary?

• How should the financing be measured so that the measurement is comparable across countries?

• Which fields of adult education should be supported?

• How does funding of adult educaton impact the lifelong learning of individuals?

• What is European best practice of funding adult education?

The Finale project brings together partner organisations from six European countries, and organisations working Europe-wide. Over a period of two years they will co-coperate to analyse existing funding opportunities and to develop recommendations for ensuring sustainable funding in the future.

The Finale project started in February 2016. Operative work is planned to run for two years. Results will be published and remain available for the public. The project is co-funded via the Erasmus+-programme of the EU under the Key Action "Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices".

Meetings, seminars and conferences

  • 11-12 February 2016: Project Kick-off meeting in Hannover
  • September 2016: Adult Learning Conference in Switzerland
  • 29-30 September 2016: 2nd partner meeting in Copenhagen
  • 4-5 April 2017: Workshop "Financing ALE in Europe" and 3rd partner meeting in Porto