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EARLALL, Rue des deux Eglises, 27

1000 Brussels Belgium

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The European Association of Regional and Local Authorities for Lifelong Learning - EARLALL - currently includes the co-operation of 16 regional and local authorities aiming to influence European policy and to co-operate in projects in the field of lifelong learning.
EARLALL believes that Regions and Local Authorities have a priviledged role in designing and implementing strategies on Lifelong Learning and Labour policies since they are in direct contact with citizens, educational institutions and business environment.
  • Increase and highlight the role of Regions / Local Governments in planning and implementing lifelong learning strategies
  • Influence EU policies relevant for lifelong learning and cooperate and pursue an active dialogue with EU institutions
  • Facilitate collaboration and co-operation among its members in order to promote the exchange of information, experiences, expertise and sharing of good practice
  • Facilitate joint work through EU funded projects and encourage the development of joint actions
  • Monitor and disseminate information on EU policies relevant for lifelong learning


EARLALL has since its creation in 2001 co-operated in a number of European projects and contributed to the European debate on lifelong learning through various positions papers in the European Cohesion policy debate as well as the European Education and Training area.

Current co-operation areas include lifelong learning and entrepreneurship, bilateral agreements to promote mobility amd promoting transregional co-operation in the new European Social Fund programmes.


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