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Strategic partnership – KA2


29 March 2017



Project leader



COMUE Paris-Est University – Campus des métiers et des qualifications de l'économie touristique d'Île-de-France

Short description

The aim of the campus of jobs and qualifications of the tourism sector of Île-de-France is to gather companies, initial or continuous trainings providers, and research centres around issues linked to training in tourism professions. Its purpose is also to rethink, at the Île-de-France level, the connection between the VET stakeholders and to promote this major economic sector for the Region in order to be able to anticipate employments and qualifications’ changes.


The following sectors are concerned :

  • Jobs in creation and sale of tourism products
  • Jobs in hospitality industry, accommodation and reception
  • Jobs in food service and gastronomy
  • Jobs in leisure, animation, culture, sports
  • Jobs in business tourism, conferences, salons, and exhibitions
  • Jobs in tourist territories’ promotion and development
  • Jobs in tourist innovation: sustainable development, mobility, emerging technologies, and smart destinations


Missions :

  • Developing a shared approach on trainings for tourism jobs
  • Encouraging the tourist industry’s logic
  • Encouraging innovation and experimentation
  • Developing the exchange of good practices between territories

Contact details

Damien Abraham; damien.abraham@univ-paris-est.fr





Cooperation and exchange of good practices regarding Employment, VET, and Research


The project aims to :

  • Build a partnership with 2 or 3 European territorial centres fitted into the networking and the structuration of VET in hotel management, food service, and tourism
  • Exchange good practices about the implementation of a territorial framework for a concertation conducive to innovation and experimentation
  • Professionalize VET providers and trainers on systemic methods and approaches’ departitioning
  • Exchange VET monitoring tools
  • Implement pedagogical bridges  (on methods or content)
  • Write a guide of  good practices and of obstacles to the clusterization of VET at the territorial level
  • Assess the efficiency of the partnerships implemented in order to further strengthen the mechanism with other European centres



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