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SMALEI presents its official website


A Sustainability Matrix for Adult Education Institutions (SMALEI) Erasmus+ project is pleased to announce the launch of its website

The SMALEI project aims to improve the sustainability of adult learning and education (ALE) providers and organisations all over Europe and to increase their capacity to contribute to forward-looking societal developments. The project will raise awareness about the environmental and climate change challenges and enable ALE institutions to take concrete actions towards sustainable growth. Green competencies and methodologies for ALE educators and staff will be developed to foster behavioural changes and contribute to the environmental sustainability of the European Union.

In this context, SMALEI’s website is built as a user-friendly information point not only about the project’s results and deliverables but as well as a point of reference to strengthen the importance of linking sustainability and education. At the moment, users will find under resources a repository of good practices, with a collection of successful adult education practices and policies at the local, regional and national levels and successful projects/initiatives/policies from all over Europe; a database of theoretical materials, with a wide collection of theoretical materials on environmental and eco-education referring to the European and global levels. In particular, these documents are linked to the five areas of sustainability that will be included in the SMALEI future matrix.  A specific section is dedicated to “SMALEI for you” materials which will include a Digital Academy, Policy Recommendations & Roadmap and the heart of the project the SMALEI future matrix.

As of September 2023, experts would be invited to visit and use the future online SMALEI matrix.  The project partners are currently working on developing this future matrix to assess the existing conditions of sustainability aspects, hands-on tools and policy recommendations in ALE organisations. The matrix will address five specific areas: Environmental sustainability of the institution, Green skills of trainers and staff,  Engagement of learners, Awareness-raising of & involvement of people, and Partnerships for sustainability.  It will be made available here.

SMALEI communication channels are also looking into the future, and the website will be used as a source of inspiration for Adult organisations who are looking for resources in the field of sustainability.

Keep up to date on our latest workshops, seminars/webinars and sustainability and education announcements in our news section, or follow our news via our social media hashtag #SMALEI.