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PRECOLL – Policies for Regional Cooperation in Lifelong Learning (2008-2010)

The core objective was to improve quality and effectiveness of regional/local LLL policies through transregional cooperation at European level allowing innovative policy practices to be learnt and transferred within different systems.

Project activities and objectives: In consideration of a comprehensive approach, a network of Regional/Local Governments in the field of LLL has been strengthened. Concrete transfer of innovative policy measures/ practices relevant for European Benchmarks in the field of LLL policies has been promoted and implemented through a model of comparative action. The comparative action model has been based on a scientific systematisation of the policy learning and policy transfer cases.

The impact was in terms of promoting transfer of innovation in LLL policies according to the Lisbon goals; managing the institutional policy learning and transfer processes; improving the virtual support service through its utilisation by Regional/ Local governments; increasing the cooperation among them; fostering Regional/Local institutions participation to the European debate on LLL strategies development and improvement.