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EDA EDU – System Action for Study Circles in Vocational Training (2007-2009)

Eda Edu aimed to develop competences for trainers concerning transfer of innovation in SMEs through the use of Study Circles. It is targeted on organisations of VET system and SMEs.

The project aimed to promote training for trainers in non formal vocational training. It defined a “Model of Competences” for trainers in that specific field and disseminated it together with other best practices through a “Model of Transfer”. The development of competences for trainers wias realised through an experimentation process based on the related Model and focused upon the introduction of Study Circles concerning transmission of innovation in SMEs.

The project also realised a Transnational Consortium, opened to other potential partners around Europe, along with a Transnational Service which provided tools, information and training service in order to maintain and consolidate trainers’ competences on transfer of innovation within SME through the use of Study Circles.