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Created in 2018, talent.brussels is the Brussels-Capital Region’s regional public administration responsible for recruiting statutory employees and top managers for Brussels’ regional public bodies.

It serves as a link between candidates and public employers in the Brussels-Capital Region.

In addition to recruiting new talent, talent.brussels is the HR expertise centre for its regional partners. It provides HR, recruitment, career, well-being and diversity services to business units. It supports its partners in their organisational development challenges.

In practical terms, talent.brussels recruits new talent for the Brussels regional administrations and offers HR support to its partners.

Here are the six general missions of talent.brussels:

Finding the best talent for the Brussels Region

  • talent.brussels recruits statutory civil servants for its 13 partner institutions in Brussels.
  • talent.brussels takes care of selecting and assessing top managers (agents).

More broadly, talent.brussels’ mission is to optimise hiring policies, by creating faster, more flexible procedures.

Providing cross-cutting legal support on HR issues:

  • talent.brussels coordinates the interpretation and legal simplification of the various decrees issued by the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region setting out the rights and duties of the Region’s public servants.

The Legal Department provides support, opinions and advice to Brussels’ public bodies, particularly in the fields of social and public law.

Promoting the career development of all the Region’s employees:

Its Career Centre implements cross-cutting projects relating to employees’ careers and development.
 Its role is to foster staff development, particularly through promotion to higher levels and cross-functional training.

Promoting the Region as an employer:

talent.brussels is responsible for employer branding in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Developing a strategic vision for human resources:

Using its tool talentAnalytics.brussels, talent.brussels monitors the staffing plans of Brussels administrations and analyses statistics on public employment in Brussels. talentAnalytics.brussels’ studies and recommendations enable top managers and the government to make informed decisions about the future of the civil service.

Developing innovative HR projects and digitising processes:

talent.brussels works to build management tools and make them available to regional managers, as well as offering them efficient and high-quality support.
This includes modernising appraisal systems, carrying out regional benchmarking of HR processes with a view to pooling and harmonising best practices, studying job trends to anticipate future transformations, integrating new technologies into HR procedures, etc.