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LCAMP partners meet in Milan


The fourth LCAMP – Learner-Centric Advanced Manufacturing Platform – took place in the Headquarters of MADE-Competence Center i4.0 in Milan (Italy) from the 15 to 17 January 2024. The LCAMP project aims to support a wide ecosystem of VET providers, SMEs, industrial clusters and (applied) research centres in their ability to train, upskill, and reskill young and adult students to successfully face the digital and green transitions in Advanced Manufacturing.  The LCAMP project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union, with a grant of 4 million Euros from June 2022-May 2026. It is led by the Basque Vocational Education and Training (VET) Applied Research Centre, in consortium with twenty partners coming from Europe and abroad (Canada and Türkiye).

ADMA Training to start the work on the SMEs-VET connection

The consortium meeting coincided with the starting of a new Work Package, number 7, which will focus on developing the connection between SMEs and VET Centres. This work will be co-lead by two industrial clusters, the Spanish Advanced Manufacturing Cluster comprises the Association of Manufacturers of Machine Tools (AFM) and AFIL, Associazione Fabbrica Intelligente Lombardia. Partners will work towards reaching two goals:

  • Create a catalogue of trainings and offer them to SMEs in all partner countries related to the ADMA framework and transition model.

  • Develop a support framework, from the ADMA (for AM SMEs) and Collaborative Learning Factories(for AM VET/HVET centres) scans to implementing solutions through the Open Innovation Community.

The first step in this interconnection has been the organisation of specific training on the ADMA methodology. In Milan, partners participated in a second training on this methodology. The ADMA methodology aims to scan the SME’s digital maturity to support them in their digital transformation. The ADMA methodology the methodology applies 7 dimensions to carry out the diagnosis. Quantra, a branch of Studio Maruggi, ran the training in Italy.

What’s next in LCAMP partnership?

As announced during Milan’s meeting, LCAMP is entering in its second year of work with all the deliverables requested completed (you can find them all in the LCAMP library). This second year will be dedicate to further develop the different features that will complete the platform.

  • The future LCAMP Alliance will continue to design its activities and will start to collect expression of interest, so those who are interested to collaborate with the LCAMP community will allow to do so. (Lead by EARLALL).
  • The Skills and Jobs Observatory (work lead by: Mécanic Vallé and CMQE Industrie du futur) is analysing how Advanced Manufacturing jobs are impacted by Digital Technologies and Green Transition.​ The team in cooperation with national experts will present 10 reports explaining what are the modifications and evolutions of the related needed skills for the jobs.
  • Soon to be presented a skills assessment toolkit in Advanced Manufacturing (lead by DHBW Heidenheim) !
  • An Open Innovation Community which will promote the development of applied research and development projects (lead by TKNIKA).
  • Partners continued their work towards building a physical learning scenario for advanced manufacturing education (Collaborative Learning Factory, lead by Miguel Altuna/ TKNIKA)

The next partners meeting will be organised back to back with the first LCAMP Annual Conference in Germany. More information will be shared soon!