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II International Seminar on Mobility and Cooperation Projects successfully held in Catalonia


Between 21-22 February 2024, the Regional Ministry of Education of the Government of Catalonia organised the 2nd International Seminar on Mobility and Cooperation Projects. The event welcomed 150 coordinators and VET teachers from Catalonia and twelve other countries. The conference was opened by a performance by VET students, before a welcome from Ms Miriam Castillo, Head of VET programs and project service. Mr Òscar Palazón from the International Unit took the floor as moderator and laid the context for the importance of internationalisation for the Department of Education.

The first keynote speech was held by Ms Camilla Winter, EARLALL Associate Member and external expert for the Swedish Erasmus+ National Agency. Ms Winter outlined her insights and strategies for successful Erasmus+ KA1 applications. The following speeches developed on the topic of Eramsus+ KA1 mobility, offering perspectives from Brainport and Connecteif. In the afternoon, three workshops were provided with the topics VET Education in Catalonia, Europass and Centres of Vocational Excellence. To finish the day, participants were guided through a matchmaking activity and many new international partnerships were established.

🎥 Watch the video: 2nd Seminar on Mobility and Cooperation Projects, 2024 – YouTube

VET students took centre stage

VET students played a prominent role in the seminar, ranging from student Georgina Palazón, an artist who summarised each session visually, to the performers and caterers. On the second day, participants had the opportunity to discover VET excellence in Catalonia themselves, through study visits. Two of the schools visited were Institut de Logística de Barcelona and Institut Escola del Treball de Barcelona, where participants learned from international coordinators about their strong focus on internationalisation and the possibility for VET students to experience work-based learning abroad.