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Horizon Europe Project TRAILS Kicks Off in Brussels


From 21-22 January 2024, EARLALL hosted the kick-off of the TRAILS Horizon Europe project in their offices at the Basque Delegation to the EU in Brussels. TRAILS – Enabling data analytics for actions tackling skills shortages & mismatch –  is a three-year project lead by the Democratic University of Thrace, in consortium with the University of Napoli, Tilburg University, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, IPSOS NV, the Economic and Social Research Institute Ireland, Skilllab and EARLALL.

The new project seeks to build on current data in skills mismatches and create novel tools and databases, harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence. It will empower Vocational Education and Adult Education training to match employers with educational opportunities to reallocate workers efficiently. Among its results will be an innovative methodology to measure skills mismatches; an analysis framework of training in the area of artificial intelligence, as well as a selection of best practices for tackling skills shortages and mismatches in Europe.

The two days in Brussels were an opportunity for partners to meet and orientate themselves to the ambitious three-year work plan of the project. Moreover, partners heard from Simone Rosini (DG EMPL) and Andrea Rotondo (European Research Executive Agency), project officers for TRAILS. They congratulated the team for their project being selected out of a large number of applications and confirmed the Commission’s  support for the project. The meetings concluded with the upcoming months’ plans and working agenda.