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Project Matchmaking at Norway House

Organised by: Hordaland County Council, West Norway Office and EARLALL

Five Norwegian municipalities in search for the ideal partners to make their Erasmus+ project ideas a reality will introduce their international initiatives for regional and local development in the fields of education, training and youth.

Five simultaneous workshops will take place during which project ideas will be presented. Potential partners will be able to introduce themselves and contribute to project development, eventually building an international consortium to submit a project proposal* under Erasmus+ KA1, KA2 and KA3 (funding action specified in each proposals’ description). The event is aimed at other European municipalities, but also at other stakeholders that wish to take part in the projects. Does this sound as a good opportunity for your organisation? Then join Project Matchmaking!

Please find below the project ideas to be showcased:

  • “Green shift” and renewal in business and society (promoted by Alver Municipality)
    With the overarching goal of promoting a green shift for sustainable growth and welfare through cross-sectoral cooperation, Alver Municipality is looking to exchange ideas and experiences to build a sustainable region. Three potential projects are to be developed under three general lines: a) sustainable cities; b) circular economy and waste management; and c) green industry innovation.
  • Multi-functional school building / school centre (promoted by Kvam Municipality)
    Kvam Municipality is planning to build a new upper secondary school which is attractive and open 24/7, acting as a hub for creativity and innovation in the area. Partner municipalities/regions with a similar aim or with experience in developing such a project are sought after in order to develop an innovative model for multi-function schools.
  • Youth involvement in adaptation to climate change in rural areas (ACCRA) (promoted by Sunnfjord Municipality)
    Aimed at promoting an active participation of young people and fostering dialogue and debate on how to adapt to climate change, Sunnfjord Municipality seeks to establish arenas and events where young people discuss about sustainability among themselves and with policy-makers. An international dimension will be highly-valued in this sense, and best practice exchange will be key for the success of such an initiative.
  • Delivering UNs Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at local level (promoted by Municipality of Voss)
    Local authorities, as well as local civil society, are close to citizens, and therefore in a position to develop 21st-century service models in line with emerging needs in their communities. The goal of this project is to identify solutions in implementing SDGs at local level and sharing best-practices for further work towards this aim.
  • Recruitment of skilled workforce to the travel & tourism industry in rural and remote areas (promoted by Sunnfjord Development Agency / Sunnfjord Municipality)
    The goal for this project is to develop a framework that enhances the advantages of working in the travel & tourism industry in rural and remote areas, and enhance cooperation between the industry, companies and educational institutions that ultimately leads to raising the status of working in this sector.


If your organisation has a specific interest in any of these ideas… what are you waiting for? Register now and join an interactive Project Matchmaking session in the context of a vibrant European Week of Regions & Cities in Brussels!


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Please note that a maximum of two project ideas can be selected by each attendant due to practical aspects. As further commitment is expected from participants, a brief motivation statement will be required during the registration process. Deadline for registration: 4 October 2019.

*This is a networking event for project development and partner matchmaking. Therefore, its organisers may not be liable for the funding selection process, which is carried out by the Erasmus+ responsible bodies, who are not related by any means to the organisation of Project Matchmaking. Please bear in mind that the proposed projects might not eventually be selected for funding according to NAs’ and EACEA’s decisions.