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Micro-credentials as a regional ALE strategy: ensuring gender-equality in the green transition?

Organised by: EARLALL, EfVET and EAEA

As part of the Committee of the Regions’ Week of Cities and Regions 2023, EARLALL, EfVET and EAEA (as part of the Gender Task Force Initiative) are pleased to be hosting a session on microcredentials and their capacity to address gender-based issues. Women are underrepresented in the green sector and often lack the relevant skills profiles to tackle the green transition in the labour market. Regions and local authorities are vital in addressing this challenge. Micro-credentials have been used at the local and regional level as a flexible and targeted tool in lifelong learning to address specific skills shortages. Is it therefore possible for micro-credentials to address the green skills gap from a view of gender parity? If so, how?

Speaker will include: