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European Commission’s Skills and Talent Mobility package is out


On 15 November 2023, the European Commission published the Skills and Talent Mobility package. This initiative proposes new measures on skills and talent to help address critical labour shortages. 

The package includes the EU Talent Pool initiative, measures to make easier and faster recognition of qualifications gained in third countries and a Council Recommendation on making learning mobilities opportunities more inclusive.

The EU Talent Pool is an innovative platform that introduces a system to facilitate the recruitment of non-EU jobseekers in EU-wide shortage occupations. The participation is voluntary for Member States, who will support the management of the platform. EARLALL will explore as well the possibilities for regions to participate. The Pool also includes a system to certify non-EU jobseekers qualifications, named Talent Partnership Pass.

As announced by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, at the State of the Union speech, the recognition of qualifications gained in third countries is a key enabler for employers seeking skilled workers, and for third-country nationals seeking access to the EU jobs’ market, as well as their integration into host societies. Therefore, the European Commission is recommending a set of measures to simplify and speed up the recognition of skills and qualifications of third-country nationals. In practice, national authorities will simplify and expedite procedures by improving the comparability of third-country qualifications and how to assess jobseekers’ skills.

Finally, the European Commission proposes a Council Recommendation ‘Europe on the move – learning mobility opportunities for everyone’ to make learning mobility opportunities more inclusive. The recommendation aims to make learning mobilities an integral part of all education and training pathways, to reach new and more ambitious EU-level targets by 2030 and to increase the opportunities for teachers to learn and teach abroad.

Next steps

  • The proposal for the EU Talent Pool enters negotiations with the European Parliament and the Council.
  • The ‘Europe on the Move’ recommendation is set to be submitted to the Council for consideration and adoption, propelling the EU toward a future of enhanced skills and talent mobility.