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EARLALL’s Response to the Consultation on the Strategic Framework ET2020


The present document highlights EARLALL’s experience and opinion on the implementation and evolution to date of the Education and Training 2020 framework. It responds to the call launched by the European Commission (EC) – DG EAC in April 2018 to collect stakeholders’ reflections on ET2020 in the preparation of its successor in order to make sure that its future design is fit for purpose and takes into account future challenges. The reviewing process of the European Cooperation in Education and Training 2020 strategy (ET2020) started recently, and EARLALL was invited by the European Commission’s DG EAC to provide feedback on the network’s experience and suggestions for improving this important framework. 

EARLALL believes that, in the post-2020 period, EU investment in human capital is a prerequisite to achieve European objectives on territorial, economic and social cohesion. EARLALL would like to see a post-2020 education and training strategy that strengthens the role of the regions, brings VET and adult education to the main education stage, reinforces synergies with other strategies (like smart specialisation and ESF, for example), is flexible to reflect changing needs and provides adequate means for migrants and refugees.