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EARLALL Working Group leaders present 2023 activities


On 21 February, EARLALL Working Group leaders presented their activities for the 2023 which will be mark by the European Year of Skills. In view of this, EARLALL has created a specific web page to present its network activities, see here.

EARLALL Working Group Launch meeting aimed to present the overall 2023 calendar for the spring and to encourage EARLALL’s staff members to join and contribute with their expertise.

Currently, EARLALL counts with four active Working Groups:

  • Mobility WG, coordinated by Astrid Burhoi (Region Västra Götaland,Sweden) and Yvonne Jänchen (Movetia, Switzerland), aims at establishing mobility as an integral part of vocational education and training (VET) and adult education.
  • Youth Policies WG, coordinated by Miriana Bucalossi  (Tuscany Region, Italy), main goal is to establish a constant exchange of best practices between members. As “youth” is a concept as broad as possible, the WG concentrates its activities on the following areas: Youth mobility in VE, Apprenticeship and Youth entrepreneurship.
  • Skills and labour market WG, coordinated by Miriam Castillo and Òscar Palazón (Regional Ministry of Education, (Catalonia, Spain), is exploring the skills anticipation has emerged as a key policy response to combat skills mismatch in the labour market.
  • Lifelong Guidance & Ageing Societies WG, coordinated by Andrea Bernert-Bürkle (Baden-Württemberg, Germany), looks for exchanging EARLALL network experiences on lifelong learning guidance and solutions to implement new policies.

The four Working Groups promote exchanges between EARLALL network members and external stakeholders working in the different relevant fields. Furthermore, their members are building partnerships and projects to tackle main regional problems and so to look for common solutions.

The meeting was also the opportunity to present the EARLALL Academy (only by invitation). This initiative is coordinated by Camilla Winter, founder of Camilla Winter AB. The master classes offer to members aims to support them in their capacity-building at the local and regional level of lifelong learning.

If you are an EARLALL member and interested in participating in the Working Groups or take part in the EARLALL Academy, please email communication@earlall.eu.