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EARLALL’s Vocational Excellence: the Basque Country and Västra Götaland featured in CoVE report!


The European Commission has released its report Mapping of Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs), featuring best practices in European Vocational Education and Training (VET) and describing the components that Vocational Excellence entails.

Main characteristics of such excellence centres comprehend innovative teaching and learning methods, cooperative activities (with a multi-stakeholder scope both at local and international levels) and a political willingess, being an integrative part of VET policies in a territory. Thus, with a wide sectoral coverage, CoVEs can differ depending on whether they are “purpose-built” or rather individual VET centres that act as one of them for a specific area.

EARLALL is very pleased that its Member Regions Basque Country (Presidency) and Västra Götaland have had their best practices in VET featured in the report. TKNIKA, the the Basque Centre for Research and Applied Innovation in VET, supports — with a very flexible model — local VET providers, universities and companies in six fields: technology, quality management, learning methods, entrepreneurship, internationalization and sustainability. As regards Västra Götaland, its smart specialisation strategy for regional development is highlighted as “an important driver of activities,” having a regional competence platform for skill matching.

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Featured picture: © European Commission.