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EARLALL Annual Conference 2020: online cooperation and resilience


EARLALL hosted its Annual Conference 2020 online. The event took place on 5 November, split in two sessions: Board Meeting and General Assembly. During the morning session, Board members (Basque Country, Brittany, Tuscany, Baden-Württemberg and Catalonia) assessed the progress of the network along 2020 and agreed on the main lines for its work in 2021, which were ratified afterwards by the General Assembly.

Key highlights in 2020 included a strong cooperation with the European institutions (European Commission, European Parliament and Cedefop), the OECD and stakeholder organisations at European Level, as well as a solution-oriented approach in transnational project development. On another note, looking into the future, main EARLALL work areas for 2021 were agreed upon:

  • Lifelong greening: developing soft and hard green skills
  • Lifewide digitalisation: underpinning regional growth
  • Creativity, resilience & entrepreneurship: catalysing inclusion and youth empowerment
  • Vocational excellence & RIS3: consolidating regional skills ecosystems
  • Multilevel governance for the future of Europe: strengthening and empowering regions
  • EARLALL 20th anniversary: a strong, well-positioned network in the EU arena

All details about EARLALL’s activities in 2020 and plans for 2021 are gathered in the Activity Plan 2020 and Work Plan 2021, available online soon.

Furthermore, the General Assembly welcomed three new members to the EARLALL network as associate partners: GO! Education of the Flemish Community, Adult Education Borås, and Movetia (Swiss national agency). In addition, a new report was launched (available online soon) gathering the experiences and measures by EARLALL Member Regions’ education systems during the first wave of COVID-19 in spring 2020.

The Annual Conference events were closed on Friday, 6 November, with the “Resilience and Skills Matching in European Regions” conference, hosted in the context of the Stride4Stride project kick-off meeting.

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