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DAMAS project first physical meeting in Borås (Sweden)


Partners of the DAMAS – Digital Apprentices Mobility in the Automotive Sector – met for the first time in person for a transnational partner meeting in Borås (Sweden) on 1 and 2 September 2022. The project leader: the adult education department of Borås Municipality welcomed partners from Spain (Catalonia), Belgium, Italy, and Germany to discuss the next steps of the project.

During the first day, partners presented the state of affairs, for each Intellectual output of the project. Based on the input provided by VET centres and companies to the surveys distributed in partner countries, the consortium is developing guidelines on the implementation of virtual mobility. The publication should be ready to be published in the autumn 2022.

A pilot training in Fano (Italy) will also be organised in spring 2023 to train teachers to be able to provide courses in the context of a virtual mobility. The activities developed during the training will later be publicly available on the project Moodle platform.

The second day, partners visited the premises of the adult education department of Borås Municipality. The group had the opportunity to learn more about the work conducted in the department and and its teaching and learning offer.

Partners will meet again in Barcelona in November.