EARLALL Secretariat is continuing its business as usual while taking all the precautionary measures recommended by the Belgian authorities, including remote working. Should you need to contact us, please do so via the regular means.

Please find below some useful links regarding EU measures on COVID-19 impact in lifelong learning policies and practices:

Our Member Regions are also working hard to minimise the impact of coronavirus in their education and training systems. Please check our March 2020 EARLALL Insights newsletter issue and discover some examples of creative ideas at the service of the fight against the virus, such as 3D mask printing at VET centres in the Basque Country, and multi-lingual information videos by the City of Stuttgart so no one is left behind.

From the civil society point of view, the Lifelong Learning Platform has published a statement on the impact of the COVID-19 in education and training, available here.

Other international organisations, such as UNESCO and OECD have published guidelines to prevent a major disruption in education and training systems:

For more information about how EARLALL is dealing with COVID-19, do not hesitate to contact us.