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Centre Val de Loire supports equal working conditions for migrants in the agricultural sector at the Committee of Regions


On 14 June 2024, Karine Gloanec-Maurin, Member of a Local Executive: Municipal Council of Couëtron-au-Perche (Department of Loir et Cher) — NAT-VII, SEDEC-VII — PES presented in the 23rd CoR NAT Committee on the theme of “Work Conditions in the Agricultural Sector from a regional and local perspective”. Ms Gloanec-Maurin discussed an opinion which seeks to combat some of the issues in the sector of agriculture, including migrant workers, work conditions and mental health. Ms Gloanec-Maurin highlighted that local and regional authorities have a primordial role in the domain of workers.

With regards to the region’s stance on migrants, Centre Val de Loire is committed to ensuring their integration into local societies, and has recently launched the Interreg Europe project SALAM – Sustainable Accessibility to the Labour Market.  During the kick-off in June, Ms. Maurin outlined the many tools that the region has to address the issues of SALAM, and highlighted that regions must remember that migrants also come and help develop the economies of local territories.