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Centre-Val de Loire Region: new objectives and a strong ambition for gender equality by 2027


At its plenary session on 29 June, the Centre-Val de Loire Region unanimously adopted its regional strategy for equality between women and men. The strategy is anchored within the context of acknowledging a societal dominance that creates daily inequalities that women face in all aspects of their lives. It confirms that gender equality and the fight against discrimination are crucial for transforming societies and are linked to social, societal, climate, economic, digital, and democratic transitions. To achieve real equality, it is necessary for governing bodies to apply equality in their internal operations and human resource management. For these reasons, the strategy, with the integrated approach as method and guideline, includes, in particular, a section dedicated to equality between women and men in public policies, based on three axes:

  • Promoting a culture of equality and mutual respect within the local authority and among its partners
  • Promoting women’s autonomy and access to rights, by encouraging a mix of professions
  • To combat sexist, sexual and psychological stereotypes and violence, by raising awareness among young people

Each section acknowledged specific challenges, objectives and pathways of actions to achieve these goals. For example, under ‘promotion a culture of equality and mutual respect within the local authority and among its partners’, the strategy recognises the importance of producing data to measure the impact of public policy on the equality of men and women. It also seeks to establish a framework for considering gender equality issues in every policy or program, to mainstream gender issues into other areas of public policy.

As a network, EARLALL warmly welcomes this initiative, particularly in light of the joint Gender Equality Task Force Initiative it is leading, along with EAEA and EfVET.