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SKILLNET – Sector Skills Network of VET Centres in Advanced Manufacturing

In a context of demographic transitions, internationalisation of job markets, and transformation towards an information and knowledge-based society, the SKILLNET network seeks to empower Vocational Education and Training providers and stakeholders to thrive. Increasing openness, flexibility, complexity and uncertainty are key characteristics that will define the future of manufacturing, and overcoming such challenges will require a constant flow of ideas.

Experts covering all roles (TVET providers, companies, governance representatives and individuals) are kindly invited to join one or more of the four topic-specific SKILLNET peer-learning clubs that will allow discussion, exchange and empowerment via online and on-site activities, with a bottom-up approach.

PLC1: Advanced Manufacturing Sector PLC2: Advocacy & Policy Influencing
Tackling challenges related to skill adaptation and anticipation,stakeholder relations and innovation is crucial in the advanced manufacturing sector. This peer-learning group aims at pinpointing and analyzing those threats, which are already affecting the industry of today and shaping the scenery of tomorrow. The Vocational Education and Training sector has its own voice in the EU, national and regional arenas. Coordinated actions ensuring that all actors’ interests are taken into account are key for policy development, and this peer-learning group will allow a deeper understanding of them.
PLC3: Work-based Learning & Standards PLC4: Train the trainers
How can the quality of learning outcomes be assessed and assured at the workplace? What are the main challenges for in-company curricula implementation? These and further questions will be tackled under this peer-learning club. The aforementioned challenges will require a reinforced human dimension of the TVET sector to build resilience and identify synergies among actors. Capacity building will have a key role in the future of TVET, and this peer-learning club will allow the identification of key gaps and needs.