"Technology is here to support us, but we are the ones to create": International Encounters for Vocational Training, organised by the Basque Country

Representatives from 47 countries took part in a VET congress to analyse the changes that will come with the development of the Industry 4.0. More than 1000 experts from different fields (including teachers and headmasters) discussed the adaptation to this new industry, including in-demand jobs and new training methodologies.

General Assembly 21.11. Documents

EARLALL Board and General Assembly relevant documents are already available under 'Useful documents'. The General Assembly is taking place on Tuesday 21 November 2017 at the Representation of the State of Baden-Wurttemberg to the EU.


Educational and career guidance will gain much more importance. Which challenges, however, will guidance organisations and above all guidance counsellors face? And how can they support persons with all kinds of educational and social backgrounds in designing their individual education and career paths in the future?

Practice into Policy! Entrepreneurial Learning

PiPEnt brings together practitioners and policy makers, and puts a spotlight on entrepreneurial learning projects supported by EU funding.

EARLALL Annual Meeting 2017 (Spring)

EARLALL would like to invite you to its annual conference: this year it ill be held on April 7th in the Committee of the Regions. The theme will be Innovation in regional and local VET systems

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