SIRENA - Support for small and medium sized enterprises engaging in apprenticeships

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Project Partners

Chambre du Commere du Grand Duché de Luxembourg
Institut wallon de Formation en Alternance et des indépendants et PMEs
Ikaslan Gipuzkoa
Fundación de Trabajadores de la Siderurgia Integral


In a European context with a fight against unemployment, apprenticeship is a key. With unemployment rates of young between 15-24 years, ranging from 18.5% in Luxembourg, 22.6% in Belgium, 24.5% in France and 48.8% in Spain, our authorities have joined the European Alliance for Apprenticeship. To meet this challenge, our intermediary organisations have set ambitious objectives: improving quality and participation of SMEs in Luxembourg and Wallonia, increasing consequently the number of apprentices in France and the Basque Country in Spain. For that, involve more SMEs is crucial because they offer both host and employment potential, business diversity and wide geographical coverage.

Therefore, each of our intermediary organisations aims to improve and develop their SMEs services offer, through the experience and practices of others. These are the objectives of the project:

1. Support for recruitment of apprentices by SMEs: information, online CV, profiling based on the needs of SMEs, mediation, etc.

2. Support tutors in SMEs: certification, training, monitoring and evaluation adapted to the constraints of SMEs.

3. Communication on apprenticeships to SMEs with a focus on the arguments and renewed methods, with the valorisation of SMEs involved in apprenticeships, the mobilisation of employers and former apprentices, in order to engage more and more SMEs.

In this context, the offer and services of each partner will be analysed. The selected services will be adapted to the context of each partner before being experienced and disseminated in the network of organisations. Guides users, formative material and communication tools, products and project results will be made available on the project website in French / English for interested intermediary organisations.

Impact: Increase of the efficiency of services of intermediary organisations for SMEs on apprenticeship issues, of the number of offers for apprenticeship in SMEs, and of the quality of training and mentoring.

Meetings, seminars and conferences

  • 1. November 2016: Kick-off meeting in Paris
  • 2. October 2017: 2nd Meeting
  • 3. October 2018: 3rd Meeting
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