EARLALL aims to reach a high degree of collaboration among its members in the field of the Lifelong Learning policies and establish a close cooperation with the European Union and Public Institutions throughout the world.

Political objectives:

The overall political objectives of the EARLALL association are currently defined as:

Promoting transregional cooperation in the framework of ESF
 Promoting mobility
 Promoting transregional co-operation and transfer of best practise
 Lifelong learning to promote entrepreneurship
 Lifelong learning to promote innovation and research for regional development
 Support eLearning as a tool for lifelong learning

Every year the Association approves during the spring General Assembly a WORKPLAN that inspires the activities during the cuttent year. 

Please download here the WORKPLAN for 2009, 2010, 2011.

In order to better share information among the members and fostering cooperation, since 2011 EARLALL has a new tool: a monthly internal Newsletter. Please Download here the available bullettins:

- First Newsletter - February 2011

- Second Newsletter - March 2011

- Third Newsletter - April 2011