Transnational Actions Against Gender Stereotypes

Programme: Gender Equality Programme
Reference No: VS/2004/0559
Commitment /Accountant No: SI2.390514
Total budget: 303 853,49 EUR
EU contribution: 240 853,49 EUR
Project period: 12 month from 01/12/2004
Lead partner: EARLALL
- Vidin District, Administration Regional Development &European Inrtegration - Bulgaria
- Basque Government, Departamento de Educacion, universidades e investiagacion Spain –
- Regione Toscana
- PIN s.r.l. Servizi Didattici e Scienfifici per L'Universita di Firenze
- Ministero del Lavoro e delle Politiche Sociali-Consigliera, Regionale di Parita della Toscana
- Provincia di Arezzo
- Provincia di Postoia

Contact person: Ms Gloria Crosato (crosatogloria@virgilio.it)

The overall objective of this project is to overcome gender stereotypes (particularly in the media and computer-mediated information and entertainment, in advertising, and in educational material) through comprehensive integrated approach. The project aims are: - developing the capacity of organizations to effectively promote equality between women and men, specifically via support for the exchange of information and good practices, and at “networked” working at a community level., - having an impact on the institutional system and the management and labour of the member regions (“public stake-holders”), particularly in the areas of employment, information, media, family and education

For more information see:  http://ec.europa.eu/employment_social/emplweb/gender_equality/project_en.cfm?id=200