European Scheme for Validation of Competences

Programme: Leonardo da Vinci
Reference No: 1/05/B/P/FF 154130
Total budget: 564 836,17 EUR
EU contribution: 369 401,50 EUR
Project period: 01/10/2005 – 30/09/2007
Lead partner: Region of Tuscany
Partners: EARLALL (BE), Ministerium für Wissenscaft, Weiterbildung, Forschung und Kultur – Rheinland-Palatinate (DE), Handwerkskammer Trier (DE), Department Déducacio – Generalitat de Catalunya (ES), DATAPOS (IT), Instituto Professionale di Stato per lÍndustria e lÁrtignato (IT), Instituto Statale dÍstruzione Superiore “Raffaello Foresi” (IT), Sderfor s.p.a. (IT), Valideringscentrum I Göteborgsregionen (SE), Västra Götalandsregionen (SE), National Assembly of Wales (UK)

Contact person: Mr Luciano Falchini, Regione Toscana, (

Summary: The first objective of the project is the construction and testing of a common reference scheme for the processes of validation of competencies acquired in formal training contexts. The scheme will be constituted by common principles characterised in terms of macro-criteria and macro-indicators in process in order to guarantee that, in spite of different procedures adopted by different countries, the process leading to the validation and certification of the acquired competencies answers to shared general principles.

Contribution of EARLALL:
• Dissemination of the project (intermediate and final) results, even though the use of ICT and the participation in meetings and events on the theme of competencies
Realisation, implementation and updating of the project website. The website, besides being a means of spreading of the project developments and results, shall include a reserved area enabling the project operators to exchange opinions as well as documentation fast and easily

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