One Step Ahead - OSA

Project Leader: Regione Toscana (IT)

Project Partners: Earlall (BE), University of Florence (IT), Basque Government (ES), Welsh Assembly Government (UK), Jamtland (SE), Styrian Association for Education and Economics (AT), Provincial Association of the Popular Universities (Volkshochschulen ) in Baden-Württemberg (DE), Melius srl (IT) - project coordinator.

Young people are the most exposed to the effects of the crisis as they postpone educational/professional development and the transition to the adulthood. Public policies have a bigger effectiveness if they are more complementary through a high level of coherence/comprehensiveness of the implemented measures. This aim concerns the integration of LLL  with social and labour policies.  Youth social mobility demands policies able to affect different phases accompanying youth life cycles. The implementation of such policies/measures depends on multiple actors, while their coherence depends on the multilevel governance, whose synthesis is at the regional/local level.
In many EU Countries, Regions play a role in programming, promoting policies at local level on VET and employment, whose success is the basis for youth social mobility and for them going one step ahead. OSA wants to reinforce cooperation among EU Regional/Local Governments via the OMC  and compare different models of integrated youth policies as well as encourage common interventions/actions. Recognition about the contribution Regions, social parties can give to the implementation of the EU Strategy in LLL  is at the basis of the OSA proposal that addresses sectors concerned by the Lisbon Strategy where regional/local actors often have political competences and considerable resources.
This is why in OSA a group of Regional Governments is committed to identify youth policies that, in the framework of coherent and comprehensive LLL, affect the life cycle of citizens aged 16-32. OSA will focus on policies/measures aiming at supporting labour market and social inclusion. Strategies/policies/measures of OSA Regions will be evaluated and selected for learning purposes and, if feasible, for transfer as well. OSA main outputs will consist of Regional Reports (EN) and the Comparative Report (EN) where LLL youth policies/strategies as they are implemented on a regional/local level will be described/validated/analysed in a comparative perspective along with their progress/results achieved in OSA territories. That will contribute to show how regional LLL policies concerning youth can support the implementation of Youth on the move strategy.
Outputs will be gathered into www.mutual-learning.eu supplying a support web service for institutions and their mutual learning and transfer.
Impact will be in terms of additional Regions that will learn about the OSA LLL youth strategies and further institutions benefitting from them in terms of getting into their regional systems.

For more information, contact the project coordinator: Ms Francesca Torlone, francesca.torlone@meliusitaly.eu

SEMINAR "Youth: One Step Ahead" on the 7th March 2012 at the Committee of the Regions, Brussels. The Seminar was the occasion to present policies implemented by OSA Regions as well as proposals to be addressed to European Institutions. Representatives from all level of government have discussed how to improve public policies dedicated to youth. Please, visit What' New webpage to download the programme and the presantations made by the speakers.

FINAL CONFERENCE "A Guarantee System for Youth Policies- One Step Ahead towards Employment and Autonomy" on 21st and 22nd February 2013, Florence (IT). The first day was maily focused on on many different aspects of youth policy including : completing education and acquiring the right skills, income and fiscal incentives, limiting disadvantage, inclusion and growth, society and culture, and autonomy and parenthood. The second day was dedicated to different strategic models for youth policies in place in OSA regions. For more information, please visti the What's New section of this website.

NEWSLETTERS. Thematic newsletters have been published to share the results of the learning process on youth policies with interested regional governments:

Download here the OSA COMPARATIVE REPORT. The comparative report intends to describe and compare figures related to youth situation in involved regions; furthermore policies and measures are analised and compared in order to explain the figures and to propose models that can be transfered in other contexts. Different groups of measures dedicated to youth are identified: supporting the access into the labour market, professional growth and mobility, re-entering education and training pathways, transition to adulthood.

OSA Brochure is available for download here!

On the bases of the Comparative Report and the discussions had at the final conference in Florence, a policy paper was writen by involved Regions and approved by Earlall members as contribution to the debate on the public policies dedicated to young people. Click here to download the document: A system of Guarantees for Young People. The contribution of Regional Policies.