- EARLALL GA 16th of February 2010

- EARLALL General Assembly  took place at the Committee of the Regions, Brussels, on the 16th of February 2010, followed by a Seminar "Policies for REgional COoperation in the field of Lifelong Learning". The 130 participants came from EARLALL member Regions and from regional representations in Brussels.

In order to strengthen the role of the regional governments, EARLALL laid out a plan of action, aimed at strengthening interregional cooperation opportunities:

  • To reinforce dialogue with European institutions about lifelong learning;
  • To operate on priorities such as:
            a. Creating European instruments that encourage mobility between Regions for purposes of study and work;
            b. Increasing the quality of our education and training systems;
            c. Taking as a common priority the reduction of the number of people with low skill levels: 77 million is an unsustainable quantity;
           d. Encouraging the development of businesses;
           e. Opening forms of mutual learning by implementing regional strategies of lifelong learning.

The Plan of Action is based on a Policy Paper - the main output of the project PRECOLL - developped to identify the contribution the Regions can make in implementing European strategy in the field of lifelong learning within the framework of European cooperation in the education and training sector in the 2020 perspective. The document was presented during the Seminar at the Committee of Regions on the 16th of February 2010. Please find below the Seminar Agenda and click on the name of the speakers to download their presentations – if available:

“Policy for Regional Cooperation in the field of Lifelong Learning. Building a wide strategy for the next European planning period”

- Introduction: The role of Regional and Local Governments challenging crisis through lifelong learning and labour policies – Gianfranco Simoncini, President of EARLALL and Regional Minister of Education, Training and Employment – Tuscany Region

- Lifelong learning strategies for 2020Bernhard Chabera, Policy Coordinator, Unit A1-Lifelong Learning: contribution to the Lisbon process – DG Education and Culture, European Commission.

- Policies for regional and local cooperation in the field of lifelong learning in the EU perspective:
  Paolo Federighi, University of Florence
  Pat McCarthy, Welsh Assembly Government
  Xavier Farriols, Generalitat de Catalunya
  Anna Hansen, Jämtland County Council

- Evaluation results – Steven Bainbridge, CEDEFOP

- The European Commission Education and Training 2020 strategy according to four challenges: Promoting equity and active citizenship through adult education Marta Ferreira, Head of Unit: A3 Vocational Training and Adult Learning – DG Education and Culture, European Commission

- Panel discussion:
  Francisco Castillo, Junta de Andalucía
  Karl-Heinz Dullmaier, Baden-Wurttemberg
  Elio Satti, Tuscany Region

- New proposal for interregional cooperation: Reinforced sectoral mobility cooperation through interregional HR development public policy:
  New Energies: Sabina Stefani, Regione Toscana
  Tourism: Carmen Molina Alcantara – Balearic Islands; Paolo Nanni – Provincia Livorno Sviluppo srl
  Maritime: Jean Philippe Peuziat, Région Bretagne

- Regional Governments’ recommendations in the perspective of European Institutions – Gianfranco Simoncini, President of EARLALL and Regional Minister of Education, Training and Employment – Tuscany Region