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Description Of the Project

The current diversity education trends are based on the experiences of the Europe's EU12 countries' with the most welfare rates like Germany,France etc.On the other hand ,the diversity problems  in education can vary based on every country's or region's historical background,geographic position,economy and other religious dimensions.In this context these methods aren't meeting the needs of the school emerging from  multiculturality especially in the East of the Europe. The cultural diversity of East Europe is mostly based on the minorities or immigrants within a specific area like Balcans, Eurosia.These members of the diversity have a ''mutual background'' when they are compared to the ones in EU12.


Objectives of the Project

-create  specific strategies for the schools experiencing multiculturality in the scope of mutual background

-provide a real time support to the schools from the experts of multiculturalism

-widen the international concept  with a specific perspective to the diversity problems at schools.

-strengthen the cooperation between the university and the schools

Current Partners

With the coordination Of Gürsu Local Directorate Of Education from Bursa / Turkey

University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz

European Educational Circle NGO in Riga

The partner schools from Turkey and Slovenia,Latvia


Potential Partners

To bring an objective view , seeking university partners from  the West of the Europe with a international expertise on the cultural diversity issues  for the task of the  need /situation analysis in partner schools and countries

To widen the  variety of the school partners and countries seeking schools (pupils aged 11-19) from former Jugoslavia and the Soviet Union countries

Contact before 24 March 2017

Main Activities

Intellectual Output 1

Need/situation analysis of the partner schools and countries

Intellectual Output 2

An online platform enables structured the meeting of academicians and the school staff with open online learning materials to handle cultural diversity issues common in East Europe

LTT events

Teacher Training activities to the school staffs

Transnational meetings

The partner school analyses , evaluations with school visits



November 2017 – November 2019


Contact Person

Serdar EKER